meus creates, captures and communicates moments of connection

We live in a world of apparent connectedness, yet many of our personal, organisational and social challenges can be attributed to forms of disconnection.

We are often so busy, distracted and pressured, that we become disconnected from who we truly are, from what matters to us deeply, and from one another.

It will never stop being deeply confusing, deeply frustrating and deeply sad that we yearn for moments of real connection to ourselves. Luckily, there are a few such moments, and meus facilitates and films them in ways that engage, inspire and transform.





meus creates and shares transformational experiences through film

The films that we create are more than simple records of moments of breakthrough - they explore ‘living moments’ that connect us more fully to ourselves and to one another. Our films share these moments more widely, communicating the possibility of deeper connection and transformation for the viewer.

We work with individuals, organisations and communities, enabling people to experience themselves at their most open, trusting and present, whilst sharing simple truths that connect us to our shared human experience.


the power of
personal experience

We elicit authenticity, enabling people to explore their work and life purpose, and to bring conscious human connection to groups they are a part of.

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the promise of
collective engagement

We are coaches, consultants and facilitators with decades of experience in leadership development, team development and talent development.

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the possibilities of
social renewal

We are ‘creative catalysts’ who support Arts organisations, charities, social activists and community groups who work for the common good.

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meus engage, inspire and transform with filmed facilitation

We live in a world of apparent connectedness, yet many of our personal, organisational and social challenges can be attributed to forms of disconnection.

We are often so busy, distracted and pressured, that we become disconnected from who we truly are, from what matters to us deeply, and from one other.

It will never stop being deeply confusing, deeply frustrating and deeply sad that we yearn for moments of real connection to ourselves. Luckily, there are a few such moments, and meus facilitates and films them in ways that engage, inspire and transform.

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“Being filmed helped me see myself differently. Watching my film help me accept myself differently.”
Jamie Catto
Musician and Mischief Maker

Through the film-making process and through the finished documentary, we can befriend ourselves differently, appreciate one another more fully, narrow the gaps that exist between us, and inspire new ways to live and work well together.

“Facilitation, combined with the filming process, helped the team’s confidence to grow rapidly, and spread the benefits of their project virally”
Valerio Pagano
Head of Finance IT, Swiss RE




our films

Our films
celebrate those moments
when we are most truly alive

Our job is to unleash the power of individual stories to connect us and to transform our collective human experience…





Ty Francis and Jon Riley are the Creative Directors of meus moving images

“We are not just film-makers, but creative catalysts with a wealth of facilitation, coaching and leadership development experience with some of the world’s leading global brands.

Along with our community of facilitators, cameramen, editors, creative and technical support people, we provide a personal and organisational transformation process with film-making at its core.

We co-create an end-to-end experience with our clients, often including needs analysis, filmed facilitation event planning, production, execution, editing, and learning-based delivery. This way of working is powerful and enriching - it challenges and supports our clients to articulate their experience in compelling, fresh, engaging ways.”

Find out more about Ty Francis

Ty Francis PhD

As a social psychologist whose PhD explored ‘transformation’, Ty has a deep interest in creativity and in the experience of ‘breakthrough’. He uses his skills as a storyteller to elicit the essence of our human experience.

“My work focuses on making films that inspire a new depth of connection, where we relate to ourselves, to one another and to the world around us, with more creativity, compassion and commitment.”


  • Applying coaching and facilitation skills to make creative and compelling films
  • Designing & delivering deep-impact, experiential learning programmes
  • Creative concept development
  • Directing
  • Leading on-camera dialogue
  • Crafting environments of trust and collaboration where innovation is possible


+44 (0)7774 171 830
Skype: tyronejfrancis


Ty is the founder and co-Director of meus. He cares about creating the conditions for people to connect, so that they can explore and express themselves meaningfully. As a film-maker as well as a facilitator, leadership coach and change consultant, he designs and delivers experiences that help people learn and develop. He deepened his practice of personal and organisational transformation through Doctoral research in the psychology of ‘breakthrough,’ and brings the skills of creative concept development, strategic thinking, research and communication to documentary film making, film biographies and on-line learning programmes. Ty’s first book, Contact & Context: New Directions in Gestalt Coaching, was published in 2017.

Professional Expertise

Ty is a psychologist, educator and writer who uses film innovatively, to connect people. He has had successful careers in education – teaching Media Studies; and in industry – working as a brand strategist in the pharmaceutical industry. Ty established his own international consultancy practice approximately 18 years ago and has made increasing use of film-making as a medium of transformation as well as communication. After a creative sabbatical in 2015, after attending a 4-week documentary film-making intensive training in Sedona, Arizona, meus was reimagined with Jon Riley, and together they began filming moving images of people confronting themselves at work and in life, and engaging in a process of transformation. Ty’s current interest is in using film-making as an innovative way of enabling personal, organisational and community development. Specific, recent projects include:

  • Developing a series of film biographies where people explore on camera questions about what matters? and what is it like to be me?
  • Designing and delivering a film-based corporate communications programme, that was central to maintaining staff morale and engagement during a pharmaceutical company’s downsizing strategy and supporting culture change at a time of great commercial uncertainty.
  • Producing a series of interactive films that enable virtual and classroom-based learning for a UK-wide community organisation.
  • Offering film as part of a residential leadership development programme for an international insurance company, to enable reflective learning and to develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Originating and narrating a series of on-line, educational films that help master the practice of Organisational Constellations for groups of executive coaches internationally.
  • Developing promotional films for website use, for a Swiss group of consultants and leadership coaches.
Find out more about Jon Riley

Jon Riley

As an executive coach and facilitator with an abiding interest in technology, Jon combines the skills of drawing out people’s inner, emotional experiences and portraying them sensitively on film.

“My passion has always been about closing the gaps that sometimes exist between people. I’m at my best when creating visually compelling films that are a tool for self-discovery, and a route to find greater depth and new dimensions in our most important relationships.”


  • Engaging people in the creation of their own film material, to high production standards in short timeframes
  • Design and delivery of meaningful experiential learning programmes, where film supports personal and organisational growth
  • Camerawork, editing and post-production
  • Encouraging risk taking in the pursuit of creative surprise
  • Working closely with clients to define, explore and understand their specific needs in a co-creative way


+44 (0)7977 995 645


Jon is the co-Director of meus. His ability to create physical and emotional spaces in which people can explore their creativity has been a key component of his whole professional life. This passion has translated into his film-making by supporting those he works with to stretch their creative muscle and express themselves in surprising and different ways. His own adventurous spirit has taken him all over the world – riding motorcycles through Africa, climbing in the Himalaya and venturing underground on several pioneering caving expeditions to China.

Professional Expertise

Jon is an explorer and a born optimist at heart. His professional expertise as a successful executive coach, facilitator and film maker has been developed by following his interest and passion in many different directions: he imagines that one day he will follow a more structured approach to study and his career! He has had multiple lives - forestry worker, professional caving instructor, motivational speaker, web coder and even a management consultant working for a global consultancy based in London and the USA. Throughout his professional and personal life, Jon has fostered an active interest in using film as a medium for communication, expression, creative challenge and personal growth, and so he is extremely excited to join Ty Francis in making film the central focus of meus. Some specific, recent projects include:

  • Creating a viral communication video used by a team from a global re-insurer who won an internal innovation award for their approach to bringing problem-solving teams together to serve client needs.
  • Using film as a catalyst to develop the relational leadership skills of senior leaders from a global media production company by challenging them to deliver a complete film in a day with a group of clients from a homeless charity.
  • Using film as a method to record personal insight and growth, as well as professional development, over a multi-module programme with senior leaders from a European insurance company.
  • Challenging 220 participants attending a global IT conference to film, edit and produce short viral films describing their organisation’s strategic aims to the remaining team members not in attendance.
  • Co-creating and producing a series of viral communication videos used within a global IT organisation to trigger informal exploration and debate around the topic of leadership in uncertain times.
  • Working closely with clients to define, explore and understand their specific needs in a co-creative way.
Find out more about the meus community

meus Community

The meus community is a talent-pool of people with varied expertise in the ‘art of connection’. We bring together unique combinations of talented people to create bespoke teams that serve our clients’ needs. Drawn from the fields of design, art, film technology, branding, organisational change consultancy, coaching, facilitation and education, our people bring practical and participative solutions to support individual, organisational and social transformation.

Pete Thompson


I have a background in social care and then worked as a BBC journalist, which gave me great storytelling skills which I use now as a cameraman, editor and film-maker. I’m deeply interested in humanising business and making films about ‘the eth word’ - ethics, values and the things we most care about as people.

Mike Meaney


I help build awareness, both personal and collective, of how we communicate with one another, how things fall apart and how we can learn to listen, talk and act more powerfully together for the common good. My skills as a musician and photographer greatly influence the ways in which I engage with others - facilitator, organisational development consultant and integrative psychotherapist.

Andrew Hassenruck


As a former BBC Editor I have worked on broadcast documentaries, animations and dramas for over 30 years. I love the variety of my work and see editing as a collaborative process, working with crews to craft the director’s vision in to the best programme possible. I really enjoy making films that dissolve the space between us and reveal people’s inner, authentic light.

Christine Stevens PhD


I combine my work as an artist and psychotherapist on projects that tackle complex social issues and effect community transformation. As a Gestalt psychotherapist I help individuals, couples and groups explore what is going on in their lives; I am the editor of The British Gestalt Journal and an international psychotherapy trainer to doctoral level. As an artist, I work in clay and run workshops for personal and professional development from my studio.

Annie Hartridge & Charlotte Rutherford


We are a creative team of designers who bring passion, fresh perspectives and thoughtfulness to branding and graphic communications. As well as graphics, we collaborate in digital communications including website design and social media. We love executing campaigns that bring companies, communities and clients closer together.

Our films help people
connect to themselves and
to others in new ways

our clients

Authentic and compelling

“Jon connected right to the heart of my story and the value I bring to my clients. His approach was intuitive, unscripted and exciting, and the quality is reflected in the response I hear from my clients – ‘authentic’, ‘compelling’ and ‘powerful.”
Hamish Wilson
Aid Worker & Leadership Speaker

Moving & engaging

“Ty’s fearless questions and sensitive handling of my emotions resulted in a film that allows others to connect with who I really am. The film-making process and watching the resulting documentary were deeply moving and engaging experiences!”
Nige Atkinson
Author & Men’s Activist

Overwhelming & outstanding

“We were overwhelmed by the professional yet sympathetic way in which meus approached the brief. Everyone commented on how ‘at ease’ they felt. Considering you came to the subject ‘cold’ the result is outstanding.”
W. Bro. Merrick Jones
United Grand Lodge of England (Freemasons)

Our clients are drawn from both business and community contexts. We enjoy making films as much for individuals and small groups and as for charities, small businesses and global corporations. We want our clients to enjoy the whole process of making films with us, as much as they enjoy our creative output.

Contact us if you’d like to explore a project through filmed facilitation or co-created documentary-making. We would love to connect with you!

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